Flexcom © continues its expansion in Europe!

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Flexcom © continues its expansion in Europe and in Spain has Selected and certified Unitronics © as premium partner and to collaborate in offering to our customers the most advanced UCC solutions for Management, Administration, Monitoring, Provisioning, Telecom Big Data Analytics and Cost reduction.

About Flexcom: Flexcom is a 14-year-old ISV based in Luxemburg, dedicated to developing and taking to the market UCC related software solutions. The company is well recognized for the high quality of its software products as well as the excellence of its customer support and service.

We operate in many countries in EMEA through a network of +25 highly qualified partners who service +700 customers representing +500.000 UCC devices.

About Unitronics: Unitronics is a leading group in Spain in providing IT solutions, services and consulting.

Unitronics helps thousands of enterprises to overcome the challenges the “new IT world” they are facing today, notably with ultimate generation solutions in Mobility, Collaboration, Telepresence, Unified Communications, Enterprise Networking, Cyber Security, Systems & Virtualization.

About our customers: together we provide these solutions to any kind and size of businesses. From the SMB to Multi-National Corporations as well as public sector (government, administration, education, universities, healthcare, etc.)

One very noticeable fact is the focus on Cisco UCC customers to whom we offer a broader range of products and services making it an “End to End” offering.

This is powered by Flexcom status as a Cisco Solution Showcase Preferred Partner.

About our Solutions:

AGILE PROVISIONING: by adopting a scalable and continuous development model with high granularity, Flexcom allows enterprises to manage daily UCC operations (add, retire, change, deploy) in a much more simple and a lot quicker way (up to 85% time & effort reduction).

In a single operation they can create a fully functional UCC environment that includes profile, phones, IM & Presence, Jabber, Webex, Spark (July 2017), voice mail, mobility extension & much more.

CALLTAX: transparency & visibility in Telecom invoicing and users behavior management if just one of CallTax capabilities. We are helping enterprises in Telecom Big Data Analytics to monitor, control, manage and optimize any flow/source of telecommunications. This helps dramatically reduce spending not only cutting Telecom invoices but significantly reducing human long hours of intervention.

More information? contact Unitronics  &/or Flexcom España :

Flexcom Spain:
Phone : (+34) 872 58 00 03.
Support : support@flexcomlabs.com
Sales: sales.es@flexcomlabs.com


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